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Wealth is not determined by how much you earn, but how much you save.

Why Save

Statistics have shown that people who save first and spend later are more likely to have more savings to spend in the future than people who spend first and save only if they have extra. This common mentality to saving is ineffective because many people lack the financial discipline to save regularly. Too often the ability to draw too easily from the savings account defeats the purpose of saving for the long term in the end.

Regular Savings with an Endowment Plan

One of the best ways to save for the long term is to start an endowment plan. You can choose the amount you wish to save regularly and you are guaranteed a certain payout yearly at certain points of the policy. An endowment plan promises a risk-free, guaranteed return as long as you continue the monthly savings. We have short term as well as long term options with yearly guaranteed returns of up to 12% of the sum assured of the policy. Optionally, you can also choose to purchase a Waiver of Premium rider which can waive all future payments of the plan should you be diagnosed with TPD or Critical Illness.


Endowment Plan Features

  • Short Premium Payment Term (10 or 20 years)
  • Guaranteed and Increasing Cash Payments (up to 12%* yearly)
  • Guaranteed Maturity Value
  • Guaranteed Values, Dividends and Cash Payments are tax exempt (tax free)
  • Option: Waiver of Premium due to TPD of Critical Illness diagnosis
  • Option: Potential Growth on Funds Invested (Equity or Fixed Income)
  • Option to withdraw funds during emergency
  • Option to top up savings at any time to funds invested

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Grow your wealth by investing in the best performing funds.

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Savings & Endowment

Endowment plans are one of the best ways to save for the future.

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Takaful Plans are available!

We understand some of our clients prefer Takaful products. Our strong partnership with AIA Public Takaful allows us to also advise our Muslim clients on their financial needs. Our comprehensive suite of takaful protection, medical and investment products are fully Shariah compliant. Do indicate to us your preference when you request a quote with us!