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It's never too early to think about retirement.

Questions to ponder

  • How much is enough?
  • How will I manage increases in the cost of living?
  • Can I afford to retire? If yes, how long can the money last and up till when?

The consequences of not taking measures to plan well for retirement is that a majority of Malaysians end up not having enough money to even sustain a comfortable lifestyle with only the basic necessities.

In a recent survey of Malaysians in 2014:

Inadequately prepared
Never saved for retirement
Not prepared for retirement
  • 3 out of 10 Malaysians exhaust their EPF in 3 years.
  • Malaysians life expectancy is now up to 77 years old. If they retire at 55 years old, they will require an income stream of 22 years!

Let us work out your Retirement figure today!

Our qualified Life Planners will help work out your desired retirement income so that you can continue to enjoy your life with the next generation.

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Top 5 pitfalls to retirement planning

  • Not saving enough
  • Spending on things that don’t really matter
  • Delaying saving for retirement
  • Thinking your children fund your retirement
  • Depending solely on EPF for retirement


Critical Illness

Covers all 36 types of critical illnesses and payable upon diagnosis.

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Retirement Planning

Enjoy your retirement with the lifestyle you desire.

Hospitalisation & Medical

Ensure your hospital bills are taken care of by us, not from your retirement fund.

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Takaful Plans are available!

We understand some of our clients prefer Takaful products. Our strong partnership with AIA Public Takaful allows us to also advise our Muslim clients on their financial needs. Our comprehensive suite of takaful protection, medical and investment products are fully Shariah compliant. Do indicate to us your preference when you request a quote with us!